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Green news! TuinVisie chooses LimeGreen®

TuinVisie has chosen LimeGreen®’s ONE-DNA™ artificial grass, entering into a sustainable partnership with our movement. TuinVisie is embracing the future of artificial grass by adding ONE-DNA™ products to their portfolio, allowing their customers to continue enjoying the benefits of artificial grass in the most responsible way: circular and energy-efficient production.

Green Ambitions

As a producer, importer, and supplier of various garden products, TuinVisie is constantly striving for sustainability and innovation. Our partnership aligns perfectly with the company’s green ambitions. TuinVisie sells LimeGreen® ONE-DNA™ artificial grass through their locations in Utrecht, Enter, and Son, serving an extensive dealer network throughout the Netherlands. This makes LimeGreen® grass available to landscapers and consumers alike.


We are proud to have TuinVisie as a partner. Together, we are driving change in the artificial grass market and providing a circular solution. The technology that this industry has been waiting for is now here—will you choose the future too?