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ONE-DNA™ artificial grass at Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland, a renowned festival in the world of music festivals, is taking significant steps towards sustainability in its material usage and post-festival processing. They aim to drastically reduce plastic usage in the coming years and ensure circular reuse. To achieve this, Tomorrowland has chosen to use circular ONE-DNA™ grass from LimeGreen®.

From Single-use to Circular

Tomorrowland uses artificial grass on its festival grounds to set up various zones. Previously, this grass was single-use, meaning it was not sustainably processed after use. However, that is now a thing of the past.

Through our Belgian Changemaker, Proxy Fields, Tomorrowland initiated a pilot project to use circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass. Thanks to its composition of 100% PE, our grass is circular and can be fully processed into new PE products, including new artificial grass.

Closing the Loop

In collaboration with GBN, we are facilitating on-site collection and recycling after Tomorrowland 2023. The artificial grass will be processed separately from traditional artificial grass by GBN AGR into high-quality circular raw materials that can be used as raw materials for new artificial grass by the manufacturer TenCate Grass.

“This pilot project demonstrates that there are tremendous possibilities when we bring parties together and collaborate. Circular practices should become the norm for large events, and Tomorrowland is showing that sustainable changes in their industry are indeed possible.”