LimeGreen Circulair kunstgras-product

LimeGreen® proven circular artificial grass

Independent testing and certification institute SGS Intron BV has conducted laboratory testing on LimeGreen®’s artificial grass for value retention and reuse. SGS Intron concludes that LimeGreen®’s artificial grass is 100% circular due to the single-polymer composition of both the fiber and the backing. At the end of its lifecycle, this type of circular artificial grass can be fully reused in high-quality PE (polyethylene) applications.

Value Retention

According to SGS Intron, LimeGreen®’s circular artificial grass is entirely focused on maintaining high value, making upcycling a reality. Jasper Eppingbroek, Director of LimeGreen®, explains the recent findings of the SGS Intron study: “In today’s international artificial grass market, almost all types of artificial grass are either recycled or downcycled. This is no longer sufficient, both socially and economically. Valuable raw materials are lost. Through technological innovation, purposeful development of a single material DNA, and adjustments in the overall production process, we can now deliver circular artificial grass. At the end of its lifecycle, the artificial grass can be transformed into new high-quality PE products, such as new artificial grass. This ensures continuous value retention for both the fiber and the backing.”

A Movement

LimeGreen® aims to create and apply products that retain end-of-life value. This process aligns with the EU’s sustainability strategy for 2030 and other EU sustainability goals. They offer circular artificial grass for both landscaping and sports applications, providing a circular artificial grass solution for every project.