ONE-DNA Kunstgras BrasaPark-Amsterdam

Amsterdam opens sustainable Playground!

In Amsterdam, Changemaker KSP has realized a significant circular project. On the roof of the Gaasperdammertunnel (above the A9 highway), children can now enjoy Het Brasapark, a sustainable playground without limitations, where children with physical or intellectual disabilities will also have a great time. For the realization of this playground, not only circular ONE-DNA™ artificial grass was used but also circular Kompan play equipment and Schmitz shock pads. With this new play area, the city of Amsterdam is setting a social and sustainable example for other municipalities.

Accessible to Everyone

“Brasa” means “embrace” in Surinamese culture. Therefore, Brasapark embraces everyone and has been designed with special attention to broad accessibility. It is a playground where children with and without disabilities can meet. The design follows the guidelines for playing together from the SamenSpeelNetwerk, which means that 70% of the play elements are accessible to everyone, 50% of the play elements are playable for every child, and the focus is on promoting interaction and playing together.

Circular System

The City of Amsterdam has not only made social choices in the creation of Brasapark but also sustainable choices by selecting circular elements and merging them into one playground. Zedgar Velthuizen, project leader for the Physical Domain at the municipality, involved in this project along with project manager Marijn Sleurink, explains, “For us, the choice of circular artificial grass was obvious. As a municipality, we want to make sustainable purchases, and the combination of LimeGreen®’s ONE-DNA™ artificial grass with Kompan’s sustainable play equipment was the perfect match.”

Leading and Future-Proof

With this project, the City of Amsterdam takes a leading position, not only because of the broad accessibility of the park (90% of Dutch playgrounds are not adequately accessible for children with disabilities) but also because of the entirely sustainable nature of this project. The municipality has chosen to collaborate with KSP, a company at the forefront of its sustainable workflow, and has opted for circular ONE-DNA™ grass, circular Schmitz shock pads, and Kompan play equipment. This ensures that no plastics end up in landfills or incinerators at the end of the product’s life cycle.

Take-Back Program

Through the Take-Back program and the option for high-quality recycling, ONE-DNA™ artificial grass provides the perfect solution for sports and play areas. Any waste generated during installation, such as offcuts, is collected in big bags and will be collected for recycling by GBN AGR when the artificial grass needs replacement in the future.